addBinValvePRV does not work

Hi All,

addBinValvePRV does not work in the network. How do you update the downstream pressure?, I tried but it seems it does not work.

the errcode is returned as 0, but the network is not updated and valve is not added.
@Mariosmsk i tried your example in oct 2016, but i cannot see the Valve been updated in my network.

Hi @Nilkiw,

You can try:

d = epanet('Net1.inp');
vIndex= d.addLinkValvePRV('nPRV1','10','32');
d.setLinkSettings(vIndex, 30);

Also, you can type >> help d.addLinkValvePRV | >>help d.addLinkValve

Pre-release branch here Download EMT dev2.2