Announcement of an Open Source EPANET Initiative

Hi Bryon,

Would be great if you shared those issues. You can post them here or at GitHub:



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I agree this is a great initiative. It will be great to add some features to EPANET and keep it relevant to research and the modeling industry. I would love to be a part of it.

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Hi, I am a civil engineer since 1981. Since then I am developing computer programs for infrastructure network design professionally (water supply network design, wastewater network design, stormwater network design and water tranmission line design). I am also educating engineers about how to design the network by using those softwares.

I am using “Visual Studio 2010, Visual Basic .NET” to develope programs. Since 6 months, I started to use EPANET 2.0, to learn how I can design a water supply network by using it. Now, I am trying to use “EPANET Toolkit” by writing a program.

I am using “epanet.inp” transfering file, “epanet2.dll” visual basic dll file and “epanet2.bas” visual basic declaration file. But I found some issues about those files by using and testing them several times. Whenever someone wants to know I can share them, anytime.

I have 34 years experiance in infrastructure engineering and infrastructure programing. I want to participate in “Development Committee” to create better EPANET new release. Then everybody and I can use better EPANET release.

I can help someone to solve problems in those files (for visual basic developers), recommend some changes in menus to make them user-friendly. And more.

Best Regards,

Civil Engineer and Software Developer

As a daily user of EPANET and EPANET-based software, I look forward to seeing the results of this initiative! I look forward to the opportunity to participate if desired as well!

Perhaps consider also engaging the folks in the AWWA Engineering Modeling Applications Committee. We are currently working on the next edition of AWWA M32, Computer Modeling of Water Distribution Systems.


Jim Cooper
Water Distribution Modeling Discipline Leader

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As a sophomore EPANET user i may not be in position to contribute more but definately i know enough to say this initiative is very much needed and much awaited by developing world to best design network for basic need …I wish success and promise to contribute what best i can…

Dear Sir,

I am looking at this initiative in a very positive manner and am quite excited about the outcome. I am using EPANET for research and will be most happy to see it getting upgraded.

I am not seeing any communication in last 20 days or so? Is everything going on track?

Great initiative. I feel there’s a lot that could be added to EPANET to make it more robust.

I’ll look to contribute to the project in early 2017 when I have some more time. Will be watching the GitHub repo with interest.

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What a great initiative it is ! I am really looking forward to joining to inprove EPANET.

That’s a great initiative. I hope to hear more capabilities of EPANET in the results of its development project. Nowdays we try to move toward smart water distribution network in all over the world and apply the smart technologies for our water network to reduce leakages and failures. I think to aim this goal we need to have a power hydraulic model can analysis the network in the area of optimal design, optimal operation, optimal management and finally optimal decisions as integrated. Definitely EPANET in the best choice to have this features and be the core of a smart water network.