Attemping EPANET2-Python-Conda Installation for idiots like me

I managed to get a work around, but not a clean solution. Let me know if you have a cleaner method, or if this is helpful:

I just migrated from using Python 2.7 directly on my Windows 7 machine to using conda to manage my coding environments. I have not found a way of installing epamodule directly in the conda environment. I tried:

  1. searching anaconda repository (found epanettools and epanet2, but not epamodule) and using the pip installer
  2. manually adding what I thought would be the necessary files (see note1 below) to the relevant folders (note2) in the conda environment I made for them
    Neither worked.

The work around: If I keep in the working directory of the code I run in the conda environment, I can still run

However, I think this only works because I have several copies of epanet2.dll floating around my C drive.

note1:, epamodule.pyc, epanet2.h, epanet2.dll
note2: DLLs, include, and \Lib\site-packages\epapython

Hi @david_dj_taylor! Did you find an alternative installation of epamodule for Python? I tried to trigger “pip install epamodule” in Anaconda prompt but it doesn’t find any distributions… Thanks

Hello fellows. why don’t you use WNTR water network tool for resilience a python.

You could also consider using the pip-installable wrapper, which now works on Windows:

Thank you very much @eli_case and @samhatchett. I will try the wrapper. About WNTR, yes I already use it and it works very good, but I have some old codes with epamodule and I’d like to run them directly in new machines.

Why don’t you use EPYNET?

I installed EPYNET without problems. But I’m looking for an Epanet library that let me to work with the standard API functions of Epanet Toolkit (ENget…, EN set… etc…). For make fast and reliable simulations I’m using WNTR that works very good.

I worked with EPANETTOOLS but I noticed a problem during the ENclose() functions.

Now I’m trying to install owa-epanet but I have problems yet. Maybe because I’m working on Anaconda and I’m not so sure of how the wrapper installation works.

Thanks you all