Base demand error

Im using (EPANET-Matlab-Toolkit-dev-2.2-edit) and when I want to set demand with this code:
BF = d.getNodeBaseDemands;

this error occurred:

Error using cell/ismember (line 34)
Input A of class cell and input B of class double must be cell arrays of character
vectors, unless one is a character vector.

Error in epanet/set_node_demand_pattern (line 520)
if sum(strcmp(obj.libFunctions, fun)) && ~sum(ismember(value,

Error in epanet/setNodeBaseDemands (line 7171)
set_node_demand_pattern(obj, ‘ENsetbasedemand’,
obj.ToolkitConstants.EN_BASEDEMAND, value, varargin)

Error in check2 (line 169)

but when I use (EPANET-Matlab-Toolkit-EMT-2.1.6) I dont get error.
It is important for me to use EPANET-Matlab 2.2 version, not 2.1.
can enyone introduce 2.2 version whit no error? or how can I fix this error?

Hi @chavoshan,

Please you can use the version

Thank you for this issue.