Different results between Epanet and MATLAB

I am using the Epanet toolkit frequently, but i found a problem that i couldn’t understand.
So the problem is that when i run a complete hydraulic and quality simulation with Matlab (Epanet toolkit) and see the results obtained ( for example flow in pump ) are not the same obtained by Epanet GUI, it should be the same but for some reasons it’s not for some network.
For professional use it’s a big problem because can’t get the correct energy consumption by pump with wrong results. find below the results in excel and the inp network.

Waiting to hear from you,
Thank you
3.inp (9.5 KB)

i guess there is no solution for this bug, sad, but have to back to old version of epanet toolkit.

Hello @sono,

I suggest chek the anothef function which introduced for hydraulic simulation. Check the
hyd_res_1, hyd_res_2 or hyd_res_3 in the below link: