Different results between epanet2.dll and runepanet.exe

Hi everyone,

I’m new to programming in c and working with DLL files. Lately, I’ve been asked to modify the EPANET source code. I needed to change the method used to calculate the quality into junctions. I downloaded the programmer kit on GitHub (https://github.com/OpenWaterAnalytics/EPANET/releases/tag/v2.2) and then modified the source code. Mostly, I modified the “evalnodeoutflow” function and make it call my new function “evalnodeoutflow_junction” in “qualroute.c”. My code gives the right concentration with the runepanet.exe file but gives me completely different results with the epanet2.dll. In other words, when I run a simulation using a .inp file the results are different when I’m using the runepanet.exe or the epanet2w.exe linked to my new DLL file. I was wondering if someone has an idea of where this problem is coming from. Is it the GUI, the DLL file, or my source code?

Thanks a lot!