Discussion: model and its validation with experiment

Hi, all.
I’m developing the pipeline systems.
We have built a model and faced for the validation problem.
The detailed explanation is below:

  1. Situation
    The experiment was implemented under various situation (rupture scenarios).
    Because the testbed has a 4 Tees and 4 L-elbows, the water distributions of this system are different each other. For the model validation, we have selected the minor loss coefficient (MLC) at the Tees as a design variables.

  2. Problem statement
    Especially for the Tees, the MLC is different in accordance with the ratio b/w branch and run directions [1-2]. In the references, there are equation describing relation b/w ratio of flow for branch and run direction and the MLC. i.e., we have to determine the MLC observing the there ratio.
    It means that we have to implement the model validation for all scenarios. However, it is impossible in the real world. There can be so many situation for field systems.

Can you give me any advice for this problem?
Thank you.

[1] https://www.suezwaterhandbook.com/formulas-and-tools/formulary/hydraulics/minor-losses-in-the-pipelines-fittings-valves-for-water
[2] D. Rennels and H. Hudson, Pipe flow . New Jersey, N.J.: Wiley, 2012.)