[Discussion] The accuracy for specific applications

Hi all.
I’m using the EPANET to emulate the pipeline system of the warships, but it doesn’t work well I think.
I know that the EPANET has been developed to simulate the huge pipeline systems like waterworks or offshore plants. However, my application that is warships is very smaller than the original target application of the EPANET and I think the problem is on the scale of that.

What do you think about this issue?
On a side note, the scale of my application is below:
Size: 8m*12m
Diameter of the pipe: 0.15m

Thank you.

@ChungeonKim, As my opinion, you can use from EPANET. EPANET can analysis the water network, small or real network. It needs to define all of input data accuracy.

Thank you for your opinion.
I’m not professional to the hydraulic analysis, so I’ve thought that the EPANET has a limitation to simulate the small scaled pipeline systems. With your opinion, I’ll try to control the input parameters.

Thank you!