EPANET 2.2 Toolkit and CLI released!

Fellow EPANET users, developers, researchers, and enthusiasts: I’d like to announce the release of the next minor version of the EPANET Library (Toolkit) and Command-Line Interpreter. This version represents a great deal of work and many wonderful contributions by a diverse and talented group of people. We owe our thanks to all the contributors and look forward to the next evolution in this important piece of software.

Version 2.2 represents some major improvements over the first community release of EPANET over three years ago. Some highlights:

  • includes a full set of functions to set and retrieve values for all parameters contained in a network model
  • networks can be built completely from function calls instead of from an input file
  • multiple projects can be analyzed in parallel in a thread-safe manner
  • the ability to use pressure dependent demands in hydraulic analyses
  • more robust results with regard to hydraulic convergence, low/zero flow conditions, and water quality mass balance
  • faster run times for single period hydraulic analyses.
  • the updated DLL will work with the legacy GUI (but without access to pressure dependent demands or the newly added convergence criteria at this time).

See the new release on the project’s GitHub site, and download pre-built Windows and Mac binary distributions here:


Thanks OWA volunteers!

Congratulations on this important and significant update to the EPANET hydraulic and water quality engines. US EPA will now work to combine this v2.2 release with updates to the Delphi-based graphical user interface, integrated help, and user’s manual.

Thanks again!

Robert Janke

Research Scientist
Drinking Water Management Branch
Water Infrastructure Division
Center for Environmental Solutions and Emergency Response

It’s just fantastic to see the release of EPANET Version 2.2! Congratulations and thanks to the volunteers who have spent so many hours developing the code.



An update to the EPANET GUI (and Help file), with source code, can be found in https://github.com/WaterNetGen/Epanet-2.2-Gui-By-WNG.

Just download and run the EpanetV22-setup.exe file or download individual files from Bin folder…

Best regards,

João Muranho