Epanet matlab toolkit

Hi everyone
What is the difference between “EPANET-MATLAB toolkit 2.2.0” and “EPANET-MATLAB toolkit master”?
Also, what is the difference between “Self-Extracting Installation Program for EPANET 2.2 (EXE)” and “Non-Installing Software for EPANET 2.2 (ZIP)” and “Self-Extracting Installation Program for EPANET 2.00.12 (EXE)” existing in below link ? I got somehow confused which one I should use.
In addition, what does “event” means in your toolkit(for example for ignoring events)?

Hi Pedram

If you want to use the EPANET with window interface you should use “Self-Extracting Installation Program” which the EPANET 2.2 is the new version and is preferred.
But if you want to use source EPANET and its libraries in other languages you should use “Non-Installing Software”, for example, you can find the epanet2.dll in this version which is the numerical engine. Also EMT use .dll.
The master version of EMT is underdeveloped and adds new features and capabilities. Maybe some bugs exist in this version. Another version (2.2.0) most be stable.

Best Regards