EPANET-MSX Linux compilation

Hi guys, I have compiled and used EPANET (both .12 and .13 versions) on Linux without a problem.

When I try to compile the EPANET-MSX (master) in Linux using the makefiles in the ./build/Linux, I produce an .so library file, but when I load the library in matlab, I get the following error:


Error using loadlibrary (line 419)
There was an error loading the library “/home/ece/eldemet/lib/libepanetmsx.so”
/home/ece/eldemet/lib/libepanetmsx.so: undefined symbol: ENgetlinkindex
Caused by:
Error using loaddefinedlibrary
/home/ece/eldemet/lib/libepanetmsx.so: undefined symbol: ENgetlinkindex

Has anybody experienced this error before? Can it be reproduced by anybody?

I don’t have Matlab handy to try to reproduce this, but it sounds like the MSX library is trying to load some symbols from epanet, and failing. Is the epanet library in your linker path? Also, you could try statically linking when you build msx.