Epanet on the raspberry pi

For anyone interested in small embedded systems, I’ve successfully compiled and run EPANET on the Raspberry Pi 2-B, which is a quad-core cortex A7 SOC running Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS (GNU/Linux 3.18.0-20-rpi2 armv7l). Let me know if you’re doing something similar and want to chat about it!


I’ve though about doing that, and building a rpi supercomputer for fun and using it to do GA runs on a water network. Sounds like a lot of work to put it all together though (which I don’t have right now).

It would be fun to know what you are using it for (unless it is proprietary).

Since a great deal of the world’d money is going into mobile processor development, it just makes sense to explore that area as an emerging opportunity, and the rpi is a great low-cost way to do that. We also have an idea for an extremely low-cost appliance that uses nothing but off-the-shelf open-source software to provide value to a utility, but the specifics may have to wait for a full write-up.

It will be interesting as the epanet project matures to see what issues we may run into supporting various processor architectures - i’m looking forward to that.