EPANET results have differences with Epyt Results for Example 3 existing in EPANET

Hi everyone,
I am trying to model the Example Number 3 of EPANET with excel imported file in EPyt but all the results of EPyt including pressure, Node Quality, Link Quality have a tiny differences with EPANET results in all nodes and links (for example less than 0.1 difference in Quality).
What should I do?

The problem is that when I want to import controls by Description mode such as
"Link 330 CLOSED IF Node 1 BELOW 17.1 " by the command
"Control_Index=d.addControls( "Link 330 CLOSED IF Node 1 BELOW 17.1 ") "
the imported control values for level is not float digit and is integer digit (17 instead of 17.1)
What should I do?

Please try to update the EPyT version and run your code again.

pip install epyt --upgrade

Thank you for reporting the bugs!


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