EPANET Toolkit For Linux


I am trying to run my code using MATLAB EPANET Toolkit (with epanet2.lib, epanet2.h, and epanet2.dll) using High Performance Computing (HPC).

The problem is that the HPC is Linux based, and it needs .so file, shared object (dynamic) library similar to a DLL on Windows. Is there anyone who have used the epanet toolkit in Linux.

If you have, can you send me some links where the toolkit in Linux available?

Thank you.

You can download prebuilt binaries of the 2.1 community release for all major platforms here: https://github.com/OpenWaterAnalytics/EPANET/releases/tag/v2.1


Please, first of all download this version EMT Pre-release 2.1.1
Try the following steps:

  1. Go in folder “glnx” unzip the libepanet.tar.gz
  2. Run terminal
  3. sudo cp libepanet.so /lib64/libepanet.so
  4. sudo rm libepanet.so (Please have in mind that the file “libepanet.so” should not be included in the directory “glnx” and must be only included in the directory “/lib64/”)

    In matlab:

d = epanet(‘Net1.inp’);

Please let me know if this works.