Epanet UI on Mac OS X

In the past I’ve used the Wineskin-generated Mac OS X app created by Stephan Macke and available here. Stephan has, sadly, passed on, and so this site is unmaintained, so far as I know. Also, the Mac OS X app no longer works on El Capitan. Has anyone else built a new port for El Capitan using Wineskin? Or should this be part of the open source project?

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I just noticed last night that mine was not working in El Capitan either. I tried to create my own winebottler/wineskin installation but could never get it to work. I also noticed that when it did work before I “upgraded” to El Capitan, Wine was at the top of the list for network activity in Activity Monitor. This made me delete it for a while because I was concerned it had malware in it.

I think it would be a great thing to make it part of the open source project.

After trying multiple times, I have got it up and running on my Mac using WineBottler

I installed the 1.8-rc4 Development version for El Capitan. I then did the following steps:

  1. Installed EPANET on my windows partition.
  2. Copy all files out of the program folder on my windows folder to a folder on my Mac partition.
  3. Open WineBottler.
  4. Select the Advanced ‘tab’ and use the following parameters:
    Uploading Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 5.01.08 PM.png…

5.Install to the Applications folder.

I had to run it and let it crash a few times before it became stable but now it seems good. I will see if I can package it up and post it.

I zipped up the app from my Applications folder. If anyone wants to try it, I can send it to them and they can try unzipping it in their own Applications folder. Note: the zip file is 4.5 GB

Hi Mark, would you mind sending the app you created for EPANET in El Capitan? I’m in the same boat! Really hate to resurrect the old windows-based laptop just to run this program! Thanks!

@dsjaggie93 Can you send me a place to put it (e.g. dropbox)? It is 4.5GB.

Also, I was using it today and noticed that the “Graph” tool won’t load any Parameters. I don’t have time right now to troubleshoot it though. Maybe I need to include some dlls from somewhere to make it work.

@markwilson - Thanks for your work here! I’ve sent you a dropbox request to upload the file. I’m happy to host for anyone who would like to download. I will post the link here when the file is uploaded :thumbsup:

@jamesuber - I tried several times to upload the zip file but it failed each time, even with a fast internet connection. Ideas?

I cannot get the link to the screen shot. Is there any way you can recreate the link again?

FYI - I’ve tried the pay and support version of Wine called Crossover - available at https://www.codeweavers.com/store. It’s $40 for the first year and $30/year after that, but it was a breeze to install Epanet on my El Capitan mac (10.11.4). I just pointed it to the downloaded official windows installer, and off it went.

Just thought to mention this since, even though its a pay option, I have found Wine to be very confusing, made so much more so by my natural reluctance to actually dig in and figure out how to use it just to run Epanet.

So far all seems to work flawlessly - more so I’d say than the previous version that broke at El Cap, which was always giving me trouble with popup window behavior.

As new version of wineskin is compatible with El Capitan, I packed the EPANET2 into Wine which is free and relatively small size (< 200MB) than WineBottler. I put it into my dropbox [link] (https://www.dropbox.com/s/p8s6ky5txnmcyx1/EPANET2MAC.dmg?dl=0).

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It really helped me.Thank you