Anyone got any interest in a cross-platform version of the EPANET UI? Was thinking of looking at whether the existing Delphi code could be converted to work with the Free Pascal Compiler and Lazarus IDE.

Interesting. I know that @Tryby_Michael has looked into this sort of thing, and has quite a few ideas about GUI development.

Yeah, Lew has mentioned Lazaras Pascal in the past. Long term, however, my vote would be to rewrite the GUI in a more main stream language using an opensource toolkit with a good road map and a strong developer community. Something like Qt or Mono.

Yeah, Qt would be a great choice. As a third option could the community take on the development of the Java GUI that was Lew started to develop as part of the efforts on EPANET 3?

What about wxPython? Really cross platform and easy to Epanet toolkit interface.


My name is Tudor and I’m working as a GIS Manager/Developper at a water/waste-water public utilities company in Romania. Long story short, we’re promoting Epanet integration with the leading Open Source Desktop GIS, QGIS.
As it’s built on the QT framework but can also be easily extended easily Python plugins, I think it would be at least a strong contender for the new GUI.
As in the QGIS world there are quite a few water/wastewater companies that use it, I strongly believe everyone would benefit of working together from multiple points of view (financing, developpers, experience etc.).
Moreover, there are non-profit organisations building around QGIS that have EPANET/SWMM integration on the roadmap. (I’m writing of SWMM as some of you are probably also involved in waste-water projects)

Thanks for considering,

Some references about QGIS and EPANET + SWMM integration (as I’m a new user, I can only post 2 links):

http://www.qgis.ch/de/ressourcen/anwendertreffen/2015/qgep-waste-water-project (SWMM integration on the roadmap)

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Very nice to meet you @tudorbarascu - we share a common interest in GUI development. I’m very interested to learn more about your experiences working with QGIS. There have been a number of plugins developed that integrate EPANET at some level, but this seems to be perhaps the most mature realization I’ve seen.

Do you have a demo or screen-cast of this system in action?

Please post some more links as you are able!

Hi Sam,
Working with QGIS is great experience as it has all the features we need and more, the community and commercial support is great, and it’s developping at an incredible pace.

We’re using it with success as a replacement for ESRI software in Desktop, Server/Web and Mobile Data Collection.
For Desktop we use QGIS, for server side we use QGIS server (WMS/WFS) so that we have the same look in Desktop and in WEB/Mobile, for Mobile Data Collection we use Intramaps Roam, and for Web client we use qgis web client and openlayers 3 mobile viewer.
As this is an Epanet thread I won’t go further into details but please don’t hesitate to contact me at tudor (dot) barascu (at) qtibia (dot) ro if you want a better glimpse into QGIS with respect to water-wastewater utilities (invitation for everyone). But basically, we’re pushing towards an open-source integrated system and we would like Epanet and SWMM to be a part of it.

For a video demo of the Epanet plugin check this out.
Please note that we are looking for a free dataset with full informations (pumps, tanks, valves, pipes and their characteristics…) to distribute with this plugin as a test case and demonstration.

Other links:

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