Error using epanet (line 482) - Could not open the file, please check INP file

Hi all,

I would need to use the EXNET.inp model, however when I try to load the model I get the following error:
Error using epanet (line 482)
Could not open the file, please check INP file.

Error in test (line 1)
d= epanet (‘exnet.inp’);

Could anyone please help me?


Hi @saviope,

Please try this: d = epanet('exnet-3.inp');

Is the file name correct? Because declaration is correct only

Hi @Mariosmsk,

It still does not work. With this declaration I got a different error:
Error using epanet (line 453)
File “exnet-3.inp” is not a valid.

Error in test (line 1)
d = epanet(‘exnet-3.inp’);

I tried the following declarations as both models are included into the networks library, but did not have success.

d = epanet (‘exnet.inp’); and

d = epanet (‘exnet-exeter.inp’);

The declaration works fine when I try to load other networks like Net1 or Anytown…
Do you have any other suggestion please?


Hi @prernapandey1203,

thanks for your suggestion. I have checked the file name and it was spelt correctly.


Hi, what OS are you running on?

Hi @gazcredible,

I am working on a Windows 10

Download and test again.

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are u able to run some other .inp file, or the issue is with this only?
If the toolkit doesn’t install properly, it create the problem there as well

Hi @Mariosmsk I have tested the version you suggested, but MATLAB still gives me the same error. It works fine with other networks

Hi @saviope , with exnet-3.inp?

Hi @Mariosmsk it seems to work with this declaration and the new toolkit version you sent me yesterday.

Thanks for your help