Error when executing the "RunTests.m" file in Matlab


Hi All,

I am using the epanet toolkit on a mac os x, I have successfully coded using some functions in the library. I came across a recent error when I try to evaluate the hydraulics function in the library, Is there any way I can fix this? Also, this error came when I executed the “RunTests.m”

Error using epanet/getLinkEfficiency (line 1128)
Input Error 251: function call contains invalid parameter code.

Error in epanet/getComputedHydraulicTimeSeries (line 2079)
** value.Efficiency(k,:)=obj.getLinkEfficiency;**

Error in testFunctions (line 108)
** n=d.getComputedHydraulicTimeSeries; % EN_TANKVOLUME - ENgetnodevalue**

Error in RunTests (line 6)

Thank you,