EWRI Palm Beach 2016

The next EWRI Congress will be in Palm Beach in 2016

Who will be going to this event next year?

Most chances I will not be there. Hopefully will make it to WDSA 2016.

That sounds like a great event. I will try to figure out how to attend, as I am living abroad.

Apologies for cross postings.

There will be two WDSA (Water Distribution System Analysis) events in 2016: a WDSA symposium at the EWRI Congress, 22 - 26 May 2016 in West Palm Beach, Florida (http://www.ewricongress.org) and a stand-alone WDSA conference, 24 - 28 July 2016 in Cartagena, Colombia (https://wdsa2016.uniandes.edu.co).

The call for abstracts for the EWRI Congress is currently open at http://www.ewricongress.org. The closing date is 2 October 2015.

You are encouraged to submit an abstract on any topic related to water distribution systems, including the following:

Smart water infrastructure

  • Developments in sensor technology
  • Smart metering
  • Big data
  • Integrating with smart cities

Innovative uses of sensor data

  • Demand estimation and forecasting
  • Failure identification and prediction
  • Real-time modeling and control
  • Optimal operations for energy, cost and leakage
  • Network security

Open source EPANET

Risk and reliability

  • Vulnerability, reliability and resilience
  • Risks and risk assessment
  • Water security
  • Pipe failure analysis and prediction
  • Reliability of reservoirs and bulk systems

Crosscutting topics

  • Pipe, soil and/or leak interactions
  • Energy, leakage and environmental impacts
  • Water resource management in a water shortage context
  • Dual networks: design, operation and security
  • Sustainable urban drainage impacts on water distribution systems
  • Emerging technologies.
  • Educational and research transfer tools.


  • Network and component hydraulics
  • Transients
  • Pressure and demand driven modeling

Water quality

  • Constituent behavior and interactions
  • Biofilms and discoloration
  • Contaminant intrusion

Water demand

  • Analysis and modeling
  • Peak factors
  • Water demand management
  • Smart metering

Analysis and Design

  • Network and components
  • Design optimization
  • Calibration algorithms

Managing water distribution systems

  • Best management practices
  •  Asset management  
  •  Performance assessment and benchmarking
  •  Real time monitoring, modeling and control
  •  Operation and maintenance.
  •  Operational and rehabilitation optimization

Water losses

  • Water loss assessment and benchmarking
  • Background leakage modeling and control.
  • Leak detection technology and practice
  • Pressure management

Practice and case studies

  • Emerging problems and solutions
  • New standards
  • Case studies
  • Application of new technologies and techniques.

Pipeline engineering