Example of the Apply - Tutorial

Dear All,

About the example of the apply of the software contained into the pages 13 and 23 of the EPANET’s instruction manual (https://www.microimages.com/documentation/Tutorials/Epanet2UserManual.pdf), I tell that I did all the steps according the tutorial, but, when performing, I had problems with those errors:
Error at Data Input 226: curve for the 10th pump was not provided
Error at Data Input 200: there ate errors in the data files.
So, I come back to reforce that I followed faithfully all the indications descript in the manual. So, I would like do know why that problem is happening.

Since now, thank you very much.

Dear Smardegani,
Did you assign the pump curve ID to the pump in the model?

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Yes, I did it and it isn’t working. What else should I do to fix it?