Export network map with nodes and links values to DXF

is there a way to export a network map with the nodes and links data (i.e. nodes pressure and links Flow for example) to DXF?
I saw this old thread of Epanet Plus
I’m looking for the same resault,but this version is not working properly anymore (maybe not compateble with epanet 2.2?..).

I actually did find a way to use EPANET PLUS (wich use epanet 2.0 ver) with the current version of epanet 2.2 files, but still - is there another (more direct) way to do it?
what I did is this:

  1. export the .NET file of the 2.2 version to an .INP network file.
  2. open it in EPANET PLUS.
  3. save it as a .NET file wich is compatible with EPANET PLUS.
  4. use the export to dxf from the EPANET PLUS.