Get status of PRVs with EPANET-Matlab toolkit

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When I use d.getLinkStatus for status of PRVs, I get 0 (closed) or 1 (open) for PRVs while in EPANET software we can get three status for PRVs after hydraulic solving. These status are Open (means Inactive or fully open), Active and Closed.
How I distinguish the status of Open with Active in PRVs with EPANET-Matlab toolkit?

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There is only two options : 1, PRV is active, 0, PRV is non- active. In Epanet interface, Option " open" Epanet is assuming that there is no PRV, the link is behaving like a pipe.

This is not a Matlab issue but an EPANET one. The EPANET ENgetlinkvalue will only return OPEN or CLOSED for links status. Can you please open an issue for this on GitHub so we can think if we can report the exact states on the links? This should be easy I think.

Dear karwanAli,
Yes, there is two option in answer of d.getLinkStatus.
1, Active or Open(means Inactive or fully open)
0, Closed
I want to distinguish Active or Open when I get 1 in my code.

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What you mean about report the exact states on the links? Can you give an example؟

Replied on GH.

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