Hot starting an EPANET simulation

Is it possible to start a new simulation from the results of a previous simulation?

For my use case, I want to run an extended period simulation for a certain amount of hours, then I want to run multiple simulations from that point in parallel.

Is there a way to achieve this?

Is it just a matter of taking the status of tanks, pumps and valve of the first simulation and applying it to the next simulation as initial values plus changing the starting clock and pattern start time?

that’s all there is to it. just note that if you have a water quality simulation as well, then you will lose the water quality segments in the process as there is not an API to get/set the individual segments.

Thanks for confirming that Sam, I’ll give it a go but I imagine everything should work out fine as I’m not using water quality in this case.

One other potential issue is if the model is set up to use TIME instead of CLOCKTIME in controls with the assumption that it was starting at midnight then potentially those rules won’t be activated as intended. But obviously, it’s still working correctly as per EPANET rules