How to export from qgis to epanet - shape file to epanet .inp


I would like to know if someone can help me in exporting a water distribution network from qgis, shape file, to epanet, with an .inp file.


Hi! In my group we’ve recently used QGisRed Plugin, this allows not just export .inp but also run epanet simulation from QGis environment. See
I’ve not followed the plugin development (nor known the developers) but it has work fine for us.

Yes, from the REDHISP research group of the Institute of Water and Environment Engineering (IIAMA,, at Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain (UPV) we are developing from 2019 the free QGISRed plugin as a working environment to combine the power of QGIS with the power of EPANET and offer a platform for model building that represents an advance on the free products currently available. We will launch beta version 0.13 shortly. Before making the official launch we need to test it more thoroughly and develop teaching materials. For now, you can try version 0.12 which perfectly solves the task of importing shape files and exporting the INP file to EPANET. It also has editors to complete all the additional data required to have a full hydraulic model. By now you can use the available Manual in English and Spanish.

For more info

Thank you Maria for advancing the new plugin.

Fernando Martínez Alzamora

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Hi @verdedan, you can find many plugins now for EPANET in QGIS3 to export INP, etc.
Water Network Tools
ImportEpanetInpFiles (I can help here with any issue)