How to retrieve the index of Pump Efficiency


I want to know if there’s a function or method to retrieve the Pump Efficiency curve Index, there’s a function to retrieve The index of Pump curve but i cant find the one for Pump Efficiency curve. ( in MATLAB of course).

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As far as I know, the retrieval of efficiency curves is the same as pump curves (and any other type of curves)
Curves are recognized by a unique ID and index
The retrieval is done with EN_getcurvevalue() function that gets as input the index of the curve and the index of the desired point, such that some kind of loop is possible to get the entire curve
Also, see the EN_getcurvetype() function that returns the type of the curve (Tank volume, Pump Head, Pump Efficiency etc.)

Thank you “GalPzezlman” for your answer.
But “EN_getcurvevalue()” you have to put the index of the curve that you want, my problem is that I don’t know the Pump efficiency curve index, example : this function “getLinkPumpHeadCurveIndex” gives me the index of pump curve, but I want the same function for pump efficiency curve.
For more information: In a network with 15 curves, how to find witch one of all this curves are the Pump efficiency curve.
Thank you.

Hi @sono,

First call the EN_getlinkvalue function with the parameter EN_PUMP_ECURVE to get the pump efficiency vs. flow curve index, then use the curve functions to get the curve itself.

See here:

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thank you @eladsal
Your solution might work but I am new with epanet toolkit, i use only functions with d.get…,
I don’t know how to use EN_getLinkvalue, and i cant find this function in d.getLinkvalue
thank you.

Hi @sono,

Based on @eladsal, I think you need something like the example below:

% Pump efficiency v. flow curve index.
PumpECurveIndex = d.getLinkPumpECurve;
CurvesInfo = d.getCurveValue{PumpECurveIndex}


Thank you so much @Mariosmsk

That what I was looking for, thank you.
but question out subject the function “d.getLinkPumpECurve” where did you find it, cuz i can’t find it in GitHub- List of Matlab Class Functions.
But thank you anyway.

Please check again here: