Increase of AS5S in the results of example EPANET-MSX manual

Hi eveybody,

I studied EPANET-MSX manual 2011. My question is about the result of example.msx (AS Oxidation/ Adsorption example) which is presented at page 25 and 26.
The initial condition for AS3 is equal to 10 ug at [QUALITY] section in example.msx but the result in manual is increased to 10.03 (for AS tot and AS5) in node C and 48.99 (AS5S ) in link 5. Is it possible? I think the various species of AS just changed to each other, thus what is the reason for this increment?
Is there any external source of AS in this example?
In the attached picture column of AS5S concentration is highlighted.

The link of EPANET-MSX user manual is at below: