Injection flow rate of 125 L/h

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Is it possible to look at this question?
I finished this article yesterday, it explained a bit about how the scenario was built.
I’m new in EPANET software, if I want to create a scenario like the above article (njection flow rate of 125 L/h , contaminant concentration of 230,000 mg/L, and injection duration of 2 h - for JUNCTION-54 ), Should I do these steps in EPANET?

I don’t know where to use 125 L/h ?

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Hi @david ,
Try this:
Source Editor> Source Quality = ‘479167’ mg/min , instead of ’ 1’( I mean 230000 mg/L x 125 L/h / 60 min/h= 479167)
Pattern Editor> multipliers =‘1’

I hope this help.


good ! Thanks so much

@david, There are 4 type for water quality source in EPANET based on below picture that from manual:

The Concentration, Flow paced booster and Setpoint booster sources are in ‘‘mass/volume’’ unit and mass booster is ‘‘mass/time’’ unit.
The ‘‘mass/volume’’ unit in EPANET can be mg/L or ug/L and I think the ‘‘mass/time’’ unit is mg/min, It’s better to check it in a benchmark sample. Other users can guide and modify, too.

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