.INP File Coordinates - coordinates becomes congested

Hello friends,
I’m currently working on a project using EPANET and WATERCAD, then I encountered a problem while exporting my original EPANET .NET file to .INP; all the junctions and pipes become congested/superimposed in a particular coordinate/location and this becomes a huge problem when importing the .INP file into WATERCAD. Here is a link below for a clearer understanding Link to the original epanet network and disordered INP file
Please someone help!!!
below is a picture of original network


Your INP file contains no [COORDINATES] section. Watercad has its issues with importing, but this on originates from the INP file. Try exporting into INP using file/export/network in epanet gui.

Hi @Cyrus,

Install the latest version from https://www.epa.gov/water-research/epanet and export network INP file.

Ediba_Qua_Points New.inp (75.2 KB)



I follow the steps below:

  1. I exported .net to .inp
  2. I imported the .inp for watergems 10.1 and changed DRAWING STILE TO GIS and ok
  3. ran and ok
  4. I exported watergems to .inp
  5. open with EPANET and ok
  6. I ran with EPANET and ok.