linkInitialStatus - CV Pipe


I have several CV pipe links in my network and in order to analyse the network I want to be able to switch these links on and off.

In the Epanet GUI you can set the linkInitialStatus as either ‘Open’, ‘Closed’ of ‘CV’. However, in the epanet matlab toolkit there are only two types of linkInitialStatus: 1 and 0. CV pipes can not be controlled and when I try to change the status of a CV pipe it comes up with “Input Error 207: function call attempts to control a CV.”

I wanted to ask if there is any reason why CV pipes can not be controlled directly through the toolkit? Would it not be an option to have three linkInitalStatus options available (such as 0 = ‘Closed’, 1 = ‘Open’ and 2 = ‘CV’). Then it would be easy to switch between these linkStatus options using the toolkit and it would reflect the link status options available through the GUI.

The only currently available options for controlling a CV pipe, which I can think of are to:

  1. Add a new pipe in series to the CV pipe and control this pipe instead.
  2. Change the linkType from a CV (0) to a normal pipe (1), which can now be controlled.
  3. Delete the CV pipe and replace it with a normal pipe, which can now be controlled.

All three of these options seem like workarounds rather than actual solutions for changing the status of a CV pipe link.

Let me know what you guys think!