Localization of GUI

I am think the way to translate GUI of EPANET. Most of Japanese can’t use English, if EPANET has Japanese language, there will be a lot of potential, I think.

Does community have plan to translate GUI to other languages? What do you think the idea of localization?

I can see there is no GUI source code under current OpenWaterAnalytics/EPANET. But I found Delphi GUI's source code at USEPA/EPANET2.2. Maybe we need to move GUI code from USEPA to OpenWaterAnalytics?

Currently, I am thinking at least EPANET GUI need to adopt i18n and integrate with some translation software like transifex. So any other new language will be easily translated by the community.

Actually I am not good at C lang development and also am not familiar with Delphi GUI. If there is any idea for localization of GUI, please let me know.