New Wave of Development for EPANET MSX

Hello all,

My name is Kyle Arrowood, this summer I am interning with Xylem as a part of a team that will be working towards the development of improving MSX, I will be making contributions as a delegated maintainer of the MSX repository.

Some goals are to facilitate contributions and reorganize key pieces of code to allow for better extensibility while maintaining complete backwards compatibility.

I am excited to help contribute!


Thanks for the intro. And welcome, Kyle!

We’ve got some exciting goals for using MSX in new ways, updating the code, adding CI/CD and higher-level language bindings. I would encourage anyone who has worked with MSX, or those who plan to work with it, to head on over to the GitHub repo: – and share your thoughts about where the development effort should be targeted.

The first step should be a basic reconciliation between various versions of the code to make sure that everything is centralized and the repo is not missing any critical fixes before we even think about discussing any kind of architectural overhaul. If anyone out there has a private or forked repo of MSX, feel free to open an Issue to discuss any important differences. Anything from basic parsing bugs to implementing incomplete mixing at junctions (anybody? anybody?).

I’m looking forward to engaging in some lively discussion about the future of this engine!

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