Operations after attack to WDS


Hi all

I read some articles about “Monitoring water distribution systems” .
In all articles, has not been spoken about the operations after attack on the network.
I have two question,
1_ Where can I get information about actions after sensor alarms (or after-attack operation)?

2-can we simulate cleanup operation with epanet software or by EMT ? If we can,Which command should I use?



Hi @ken,

There are many papers about the “contaminant management in water distribution systems”. There are common strategies for contaminant management and reduce public health impacts such as using the fire hydrant valves, closing pipes and chlorine injection using the pumps.
You can consider the optimal strategies for contaminant management with a specified pollutant at the example and real water network.
You can simulate it in EAPNET and EPANET_MSX. Of course MSX have more capabilities and simulate multi species and the result is near to reality. You shroud simulate the mentioned above strategies in EPANET and trace the quality of nodes after the applying the each strategy.

Example papers:




Hi @alireza2032 Really Thanks for the description and the article.I’ll certainly read it.