Overflow tank to tank

Good morning,

I ask for help to model the overflow tank of another tank. I have a net where some tanks discharge the overflow into another tank. Momentarily I put a rule that opens or closes the tube by checking the level. The timestep is 00:30h so when it is open, for 00:30h keep the tube open and completely discharge the tank. Obviously the reality is not simulated, as soon as the level is lowered, the fluid does not pass.

Do you have any possible solutions?

Try using a TCV - PSV - Pipe to model the overflow. The nodes added for these links have their elevation equal to the overflow elevation and the PSV setting is 0. You can play with the TCV setting to limit the overflow rate. Attached is a modified version of the Net1 example that illustrates this setup.TwoTanks.inp (6.8 KB)

The reply of L. Rossman is a vey good solution, but still it can be improved if the TCV is replaced by a GPV which curve simulate the behaviour of a weir following the equation h = k q^2/3, where h stands for the height over the weir and q for the overflow. Next example uses a GPV instead the TCV for a more realistic simultation. The weir curve is h = 0,6186 q^2/3, which assume an overflow of 65 gpm for a height of 10 ft,

TwoTanks Weir.inp (7.8 KB)

Thanks for the reply, I would like to ask you specifically how to best set the TCV. What is the setting for each individual case?