Potential Bug with EPANET 3 Timeweight functionality

Hello all,

I have been testing out some of the new functionality introduced in the EPANET 3 tookit, especially related to the new Time Weight parameter.
I did a few simple tests, and discovered a potential bug related to tank filling in EPANET 3 with the Time Weight parameter.
My tests were conducted on a very simple network (I would post a picture; however, I am only able to post one as a new user)
The simple network consists of a reservoir with 100m head connected by a pipe to a tank with a max level set to 5m and initial level set to 0m.
It appears when the Time Weight parameter is added, EPANET 3 forgets about the max tank level, as can be seen in the graph shown with the tank head continuing to rise.

While I realize EPANET 3 is not yet fully released and suitable for commercial use, I believe identifying such potential bugs can bring it one step closer to completion.

Thanks for your time.