Pressure deficiency at certain hours when I run 24h extended period simulation

minimum pressure required in a water distribution network is 30m, reservoir head is 100m. An extended period simulation of 24h is done using EPANET. There are pressure deficit nodes at certain hours. How to eliminate it?

there may be different reasons why some nodes are “deficit” as you say. Maybe their terrain height is above 70m: in this case you can do nothing to solve since reservoir is at 100m.
Otherwise it is possible that node demand during day is so high that pressure goes below 30m: in this case you can both admit less demand, so to have more pressure or instead change pipes (using greater diameters) so to determine less head loss along water path to deficient node. Lastly you could consider using pumping stations.
All depends on what is the network like in terms of terrain, pipes, demand patterns, aims etc…

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