Problem defining variable speed pump dev-2.2

In a network with 2 pumps, I have defined a pattern for changing the speed of the pumps; When I define the control for opening or closing the pumps, at times the pump speed is considered to be the default value of 1 or even 0, while the value of 0 or 1 is not present in the pattern given to the pump. What is the cause of this? Is it a bug?

The speed of the pump obtained at the end(d.getLinkSettings):

Defined pattern for pumps:

As you can see, in some time steps, instead of the values given to the pump (Figure 2), the speed values of the pumps are considered 0 or 1.

Related to the issue in Github.

As I explained there, I want to turn the pumps on and off by changing the water level inside the tank, so I set the controls for the pumps. At the same time, I want to adjust the pumps at a variable speed so that the speed of the pumps changes every hour. But as you can see, the speed of the pumps is not what I set, and with the consecutive turning of the pumps on and off, the speeds become 0 or 1.
Please guide me to make sure the results I get are correct. sorry for bad english