Problem: Negative Pressure


Hello Everybody!

I’m working on an EPANET project, it’s a gravity system for irrigation.
I have some problem 'cause I have only 1 tank at the beginning of the network and during the simulation it is empty.

I was create 2 patterns cause I will irrigate in the morning or in the evening, it’s impossibile irrigate during the day; sun will burn everything.
I have, also, another problem: I will use pipe PN10, so i must install some Break Pressure Tanks, so I create some Tanks to reduce the pressure, it’s correct or it’s better insert a PRV Valve?

I will Attach my project:

Thanks you


hi Giacomo
i have seen your network,negative errors are coming in below mentioned junctions
please check these mentioning points
1.verify pipe id1 diameter and length
2.JE009,JE008,CEE2,JE015,JE016,JE017,JE034,JE035,JE036 junction elevation and length in between junctions are less but sudden increase of elevation height
once verify the above mentioned comments and run the model
thank you