Pump closed EPANET

I have already set pump beginning status to open, and reservoir total head to zero, the system demand flow is below 1000m³/h, and I set 6 pumps, each pump can provide max flow are: 252,253,170,415,410,405m³/h. After simulation, the pump status is closed. Is there anything I need to fix?

Your pumps’ heads may not be adequate to supply the indicated flows. The length of the pipe and other characteristics as well as the elevation of the point of delivery are not known to us.

I uploaded more details, could you please have a look? thank you

Please, where will I see or find the additional information?

I have seen. Good!

  1. Consider putting check valves (CV) infront of the pumps’ discharge. Owing to the different heads at which the pumps will be operating, it can cause interference and create the problem you’re facing.
  2. Are you compelled to use pumps with different operating points?
  3. As your flows from the pumps are more than is needed, when they’re in operation, you can switch some off.
  4. Ensure that you have provided the correct duty point for the pumps’ curves. This is a major factor.
  1. You could also modify the configuration of the pumps installed with the check valves as attached.

thank you,I will try the configuration of pumps, and I do not know how to provide duty point of pumps’ curves. I only input pumps’ curves, how to get system curves in EPANET?

Welcome Yuxi. All the best.The duty point is a point on the pump curve which you input.