Quality problem in the 3rd example network of EPANET

I want to model the network 3 of EPANET by excel file (Input Data) with epanet-matlab toolkit.
When I model the net, after getting outputs,at the end of period of 24 hours, I faced 2 problems:
1-For Node Pressure, ‘just’ for the node number 10, EPANET pressure is 0.2998psi and MATLAB pressure is 0.3525.
2-When I consider the nodes quality results, just the results of the Junction number 10 and Lake reservoir have been computed and the other values are zero.
I would be thankful if you guide me what should I do.


Hi @Pedramjazayeri,

  1. & 2. Please use the controls (in seconds)

Link 10 OPEN AT TIME 1 --> Link 10 OPEN AT TIME 3600
Link 10 CLOSED AT TIME 15 --> Link 10 CLOSED AT TIME 54000

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Hi dear @Mariosmsk
I denied the time frame of controls, thanks a lot, it has solved.
Just a minor problem is that when the solution was made, two new time steps were made which are 15213 seconds(between 4 o’clock and 5 o’clock) and 76779 seconds (between 21 o’clock and 22 o’clock). Why is there the problem and what is the solution?

Your Truely,

Hi dear @Mariosmsk
Would you please help me to solve the extra time frames which are made?

Hi @Pedramjazayeri, this is not a problem. You can use the function getComputedTimeSeries where ignores events (e.g. pump OPEN or CLOSED).


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Thanks a lot