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When comparing resultfiles from EMT and epanetMSX run from command prompt I have discovered that some simulations give different results. Simulations run on a small networks give the same results, but simulations run on the network I am interested in gives different results. I have attached a file with an example. My network has got 827 nodes and 880 links.

What could be the reason for these differences?

Thanks in advance


This is not clear. Can you please provide a basic example in order to try and repeat your issue?




Thanks for the quick response.

I have run the example networks which are provided with the EMT.
Results for the following networks are equal: “As5Adsorb”, “Batch-NH2CL”,“Net2-CL” and “Net3-NH2CL” . I have also tried creating a basic example to repeat the issue, but so far I have not been successfull. I still have issues when running simulations of the network I am interested in.



It seems like I have managed to find a possible explanation for the challenge that I have been experiencing. When comparing the INP input file with the temporary INP file I see that rules are not read. If I have understood things corretly ENgetcontrol is used to get controls from the input file. Does it only work for " Simple controls"? My controls are “rule-based controls”.

Thanks for the help.



Hi Malcom,

What you are saying is that the Rule-based controls are not copied in the temporary input file? This could be the problem.

@Mariosmsk let’s check this issue.

@MTH, if you have a minimum example to share with the code and a reduced network, this would be great!




Yes, that is my impression.

I will see what I can manage to sort out.

Thanks for the help.