Rules Controls on Epanet

Hi, i am trying to make a hydraulic simulation of a irrigation system, with a group of parallel pumps operating on variable speeds. On this irrigation system, different groups of pumps operates accordind to differents system demands, and to simulate that conditions, i am doing a set of rules, however that rules are not beeing applied by epanet on first step of running. I mean, on first simulation hour step, rules controls are not according the real operation, but they are on the second hour step, leading to the conclusion that on the first simulation hour step there is no values to be considered by epanet, and then rules controls are not applied. Is this a limmitation of epanet, or there is a way of overtake this?
Thank you so much
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Hi, I think this issue was fixed but not sure. Would you like to try it with the latest EPANET dev engine?

If you are using the EPANET GUI you will have to replace the dll with the 32bits one.

Hi, i will try it… thank you so much for your suggestion.
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