Simulation examples


Hello everyone,

I am trying to run a simulation for chlorine decay in a small network, I will be using the net3.INP in the EPANET examples folder. My goal is to run the simulation in Matlab environment and add a model predictive control scheme. Have attached the schematic for the simulation before adding the MDC scheme. I comes from the research paper Modeling Residual Chlorine Response to a Microbial Contamination Event in Drinking Water Distribution Systems.

Is there anywhere I can find full examples of running simulations to help me understand how to run this simulation in Matlab?
Any help greatly appreciated, Thank you.

Here’s the simulation schematic:

45 AM|690x490


@kbvbn, You can start with this exapmle here. It will help you about the applying of EPANET-MSX . You should consider Cl2 and microbial contamination in .msx file based on mentioned at EPANET-MSX user manual.