TypeError: in method 'ENsetpattern', argument 2 of type 'float *'


I used the function ‘ENsetpattern’ to redefine the pattern factors for a given time pattern.

Assuming that the timestep = 30, and there are two pattern factors, a vectors of two multiplier factors is [0.8,1.2]. Then I used the function: ENsetpattern(30 , [0.8,1.2] , len([0.8,1.2]) ) to redefine.

However, it returned the TypeError:in method ‘ENsetpattern’, argument 2 of type ‘float *’. Could you please tell me how can I fix this problem?
Thank you very much!

I suggest using the function use start with d. such as d.setPatternValue. I think using this function is more optimal. The samples are in the below link:

Good Luck.