Undefined pump curve error while curve present in .inp file

I’m trying to do some simulations with an .inp file exported from InfoWorks.
The issue that I encounter is that EPANET (v2.00.12) does not launch a simulation due to errors 205 and 206 as following:

Input error 206: Pump XXX refers to undefined curve.
Input error 206: Curve XXX refers to undefined time pattern.

And so on for all the pumps in the model.

This occurs even though in the .inp file the following lines are present (for all the pumps in the model):

; Any IW multi-pump PSTs are exported as separate EPANET pumps in parallel.
; PST Duty Head and electricity tariff data are not exported.
; Individual pump Duty Flows, Local Loss Coefficients, Minimum Speeds and Cut Off Levels are not exported.
; Any pump without a head-flow curve is set to: HEAD NoPumpCurve.
; IW PLAN PST time profiles are exported as EPANET speed patterns.
; IW FLOW, PROF and AUTO PST control data and profiles are not exported.
;ID              	Node1           	Node2           	Parameters
 XXX	        N_XXX1	       N_XXX2	        HEAD  XXX
; Pump efficiency curves are not exported.
;ID              	X-Value     	Y_Value
;Tank Curves
;Pump Curves
 XXX	0.000001    	85.000000   
 XXX	2.780000    	83.000000 

The pumps curves are also listed in the EPANET browser correctly.
What could be the issue?