Using Python and ctypes with 2.2 toolkit

Has anyone tried using the 2.2 toolkit using ctypes and Python? I have been using a previous version of the toolkit (2.1) along with ctypes and Python with pretty good success. But with version 2.2 there is the added issue of the project handler and I’m not clear on how to reference that when using the toolkit and ctypes from Python. I can load the shared library successfully and I can create a project (i.e. EN_createproject(ct.byref(projectHandler)). However, when I try to take the next step I end up with issues, generally a segmentation fault. I think this is more a ctypes problem than a toolkit problem but wondering if anyone has tried this. I can continue to use the 2.1 toolkit but there are some really nice features in 2.2 that I’m interested in using and am mostly interested in Python because of the ease in connecting to other applications. Thanks for the help.