Version 2.1 roadmap

The last official EPA release of the epanet toolkit was March of 2008. Since that time, many developers and researchers have identified bugs and implemented missing features. Some of these helpful additions have been contributed to the OWA open-source repository and are informally available there, although they are not documented or incorporated in a binary release version for users to download.

I think it would be of great community benefit to release a v2.1 of the epanet toolkit, complete with multi-platform binary release builds and documentation. This would also be of great benefit to interested developers; it is an easy, simplified approach to establishing the tools and processes for roadmapping and getting to know the tools of collaboration.

I suggest that the goals for this 2.1 release should be:

  • Speed: quickly get the release packaged, tested, and documented.
  • Backwards compatibility: should be binary-compatible with existing toolkit clients.
  • To generate further interest: a “release” would be big news, and could grab needed attention if publicized.

For this all to work, we should probably move discussion of specific bugs, features, and docs to github. We have set up a v2.1 Milestone to track all the issues that can be folded in to the release. If you think of any other items that can meet the goals above (or can think of better goals), then create a new issue and nominate it for the Milestone. This issue is an attempt to list the mods that are currently collected on the repo so they can be adequately documented, and should be added to as more issues are accepted for the milestone.

BTW, if you have identified any bugs that are not currently listed in the Issues tracker, please put them up there so they can be properly organized into a Milestone, even if it’s not feasible to get it fixed in 2.1.


Good plan. I have assigned myself to a few of the issues.

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