WARNING trough pump operation

Hello every one,
I am working on the pump scheduling program. In the optimization process has a warning (WARNING: Pumps cannot deliver enough flow or head.). I want to penalize this WARNING by count the total number of it. How can I penalize it?


Hello Jafariasl ,

There are many methods of providing penalty.
It required both head and flow as well as some other parameters.
you can search in literature for reference check this paper. ( Kadu et al. (2008))
here penalty is provided in water distribution net for infeasibility.

Thank you very much @devangsingh.
I want to count the number of warnings and, then, penalize it.
How can I count the number of warnings?

Hey Jafariasl,
Actually i am solving nearly same problem in water distribution network optimization,
for knowing the number of penalties to be applied you can code the condition(constraint). This is what i did in my case i give some conditions,so if the system do not follow it will be penalize automatically.
thank you.

Hello Devang Singh,
thank you for your reply. I penalize the flow through pumps and problem is solved.

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