Water Transfer time in each pipe(what's the unit of velocity and length in "getLinkVelocity" and "getLinkLength"))?


Hi all

I have one question , I read user manual and this article https://github.com/KIOS-Research/CCWI2016/blob/master/CCWI2016/Paper/Eliades2016.pdf
and http://wateranalytics.org/EPANET/globals_func.html

but i can’t find answer of my question, could somebody here help me?
I need to have water transfer time in each pipe in my network(d-town) I mean ,How long does it take to get water from node i to node j?

For example, in the image that I uploaded the time for water transfer from node 5 to 17 is one minute, it is 28 minute from node 6 to node 13.

is there any command in Epanet- MATLAB toolkit that i can use it ?

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Simply calculate this for each pipe from the flow velocity and pipe length.


Hi @kobusvanzyl , thanks . as what you said, I calculated the velocity and length of the each pipe . do you mean I should use this formula : time = length /velocity ?

I calculated “transfer time” by this formulation but my result was too big, for example I have the transfer time greather than 14500 for some pipe.( my network is d-town, http://emps.exeter.ac.uk/engineering/research/cws/resources/benchmarks/expansion/d-town.php unfortunately I can’t upload file because I am new in this community, that’s why I put the link)

What’s the unit of this transfer time ?

Do you know which sysmtem of measurment this toolkit used? I mean lengths of pipes in meters ? Or what’s the velocity unit? Is it m/s?


I think the unit of time is second.


Hi, @karwan_eng. thanks,
How can I make sure the time is in seconds?
It’s very important for me to know the time unit
Is there a way to understand?


@kenkavaza, you can check the function d.getFlowUnits and check here: https://github.com/OpenWaterAnalytics/EPANET/wiki/Units-of-Measurement
or d.getBinUnits.BinLinkVelocityUnits . Also for newest version of EMTv2.2(not released) we include the function d.getUnits

e.g. LPS – > meters/sec


You can check the unities in Epanet in this path (Data, option , Hydraulic)