What changes should be made to convert the unit to mg / minute?


Hi everyone!

This code is used mg / L ,


SourceInjectionRate=10; %mg/L (Concentration), instead of mg/minute

If wanted to work with mg / minute (I mean njection flow rate is 85 L/h with concentration 160,000 mg/L) , do I need to change the code?

Thank you


There are different ways of modelling contaminant injection in EPANET, which are explained in the following link:

For instance, by changing the type to MASS, you are able to inject with mass flow per minute.

You also need to change to following command to the appropriate parameter (SETPOINT, MASS, etc).

d.setNodeSourceType(nd_index, 'SETPOINT');


@mollerth, maybe this comment be useful for you: