What parameters is it plotting? CCWI12


Hi there,

I have downloaded the sample code from Eliades2016 paper and can’t figure out why is the water quality result Q{i} a matrix of 3xn for every junction and for every iteration also.
For every iteration there is a SVB file with all of the junctions considered and inside of that junctions file there is another file with all the water chroline concentration but its a 3 by n matrix of data, Shouldn’t it be 2byn where the first vector is the time step and the second vector is the chlorine concentration?
Or is it 3byn because it’s the water concentration on space X,Y,Z

Thabks for the help!


Have attached a few pictures to clarify
It’s quality matrix, then inside quality matrix for first iteration and then inside that matrix there are the 3 colums that i dont understand. is it X Y Z?

. problem1


The 3 columns for this Arsenite.msx file are the values for Chlorine, AsIII , AsV ([SPECIES])

Example to compute the chlorine only for the sensor index array:

G.getMSXSpeciesNameID % ‘Chlorine’ ‘AsIII’ ‘AsV’
Q{i} = G.getMSXComputedQualityNode(sensor_index, G.getMSXSpeciesIndex(‘Chlorine’)); #node index, species index